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Jefferson Spine and Injury Center's Testimonials

"Jefferson Spine & Injury Center is the best! Dr. Holcombe is wonderful she makes the experience of seeing a chiropractor amazing! So calming and relaxing I just love her."
Niesha J.
"I had a car accident about 3 or 4 years ago. I hurt my right waist. My friend recommended me this place. The staff and Dr. Holcombe treated me so well. She was very kind and nice. The treatment really helped me a lot and my pain was gone and I was back to normal again.
Nathalia M.
"The staff at Jefferson Spine and Injury Center is supportive, and professional. My work requires the use of the computer for long periods of time during the day. Dr. Holcombe‘s chiropractic treatment improves my neck’s, and shoulders muscle tension; increases relaxation and posture improvement."
Damaris L.
"I was searching for a location close to my job that would work around my schedule and I found the perfect place. This provider is extremely patient and understanding. She was sure to explain the insurance process and my treatment in a way that allowed me to make the best health decision. The entire team does a wonderful job providing an exceptional experience to all patients!"
Christal O.
"The care I received from Jefferson Spine & Injury Center was unmatched. Dr. Holcombe is very attentive, thorough, and treats every single one of her patients as individuals. She is very knowledgeable and sits down with each patient to explain in detail exactly what parts of the body an injury has affected and how the treatment is going to help alleviate the pain and help the body heal."
Claudia K.
Director of Marketing
"Jefferson Spine & Injury Center is the place where you can get the best customer service. Dr. Holcombe is the most wonderful doctor and really cares about her patients and gives a treatment fitted for each individual. Her passion for her work really shows through her professionalism & the way she interacts with every patient."
Ameha M.
"I am extremely grateful for Dr. Holcombe and her staff for the exceptional service and support my parents and I received during our months of treatment. We didn't know the severity of our injuries we sustained until our initial visit. They stated their treatment plan and delivered just that! My parents and I are doing so much better now. Many blessings to Dr. Holcombe and her staff!"
Mayra R.
"I was involved in a scary fender bender and was terrified. I found Jefferson Spine and Injury Center on yelp. Their service and care was amazing! Dr. Holcombe and her staff are truly caring professionals. She took the time to explain my injury to me and what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Holcombe at Jefferson Spine and Injury Center."
Elizabeth D.
"I got hurt in a car accident and immediately contacted Dr.Holcombe for treatment. Everything, from start to finish was amazing. This is the best body injury treatment center in the state. They assist with everything and work with your schedule. Never once did i have a single thing to complain about during my treatment. Have you been in an accident and suffered injuries? Call them ASAP!"
Bennet E.
"I am a patient in this office, and if I could give them a 10 star rating I would. Their exam process is very detailed and organized and they are constantly explaining what’s the next step throughout the process. They are also a good resource for the insurance med pay coverage and claim process. However the most important part of the visit was I left feeling better than I did before I got there."
Rodney L.
Dr. Holcombe, is very caring, compassionate, understanding, tender, very nice and a good listener. I told her that I have back pain and she made sure I started treatment right away. The treatments she gives you makes you feel better physically. She is also flexible and works with your schedule. I am so glad that I went to Jefferson Spine & Injury Center and I highly recommend this excellent place.
Mario M.
I was recently involved in a hit and run auto accident and came across this gem as I searched for a post follow up appointment with a chiropractor in the area. This was the only location that could fit me in on the next opening business day. I was rear ended by an uninsured motorist and Dr. Holcombe was able to answer and handle any questions or concerns I had, including recommendations for legal advice. The comfort level of her treatments and planning are unmatched that comes with an incredible friendly staff.
Yvette B.