Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Therapist treating injured knee of athlete male pa

Jefferson Spine and Injury Center is proud to offer the very best physical therapy and rehabilitation for injured patients in Arlington, Virginia.

Physical therapy is the science of medicine that seeks to return patients to the highest possible degree of personal physical independence.

Dr. Holcombe, works with patients with specific neurological, muscular, and skeletal conditions and provide prevention programs to assist people of all ages in maintaining optimal health and physical fitness.

At Jefferson Spine & Injury Center, only after an extensive evaluation of the patients is a treatment program established.

The evaluation provides crucial information about the patient's weakness, strength, reflexes, sensory perception, as well as their posture, and work and recreational activities.

Treatment programs are administered for the patient; these programs are designed to relieve pain, as well as restore function and athletic performance, and promote healing and recovery from everyday aches and pains to injuries sustained from trauma, falls or auto accident injuries.

After evaluation, the patient is treated through various forms of exercise techniques to improve flexibility, increase range of motion, promote strength, and endurance.

We take great pride in watching patients achieve health and strength they didn't dream would be possible.

Physical therapy and exercise are not just for recovering from disability, but reaching optimum health and athletic performance, as well as protecting yourself from injury at home, work, and or while engaging in physical activities.

Keep reading to discover what makes our clinic the best choice for injured individuals!


This includes:

• Muscle stimulation (EMS), Ultrasound, Interferential therapy, Russian stimulation, and Micro-current treatment
• Therapeutic Heat/Ice application
• SOT Pelvic Blocking


Our Physical Rehabilitation room includes:

• Physiotherapy ball, Balance disc, and Rock'n Roller for spinal stabilization exercises
• Weights for muscle rehabilitation and strength training


This is like a roller massage table that employs heat, vibration, and traction. This increases blood flow to the discs, spinal ligaments, and musculature.

This also stretches and softens scar tissue, ligaments muscles, and intervertebral discs which helps the body heal. The table Dr. Holcombe uses is shown here.


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