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Cervical Support Pillows

Alexandria-Arlington VA Chiropractor, Dr. Leslie Holcombe, knows that the need for postural support does not end when the day does. Sleep is just as important to health as good nutrition and proper exercise. Sleep posture is a significant factor in the treatment of conditions such as neck and back pain trauma, whiplash, neck pain, back sprain/strains, shoulder/arm pain, tension headaches, or arthritis of the back and neck. Plastic deformation (soft tissue stretching) and musculoskeletal instability can develop when especially, the cervical spine is not adequately supported during sleep. Painful misalignment of the spine may result.

Cervical traction pillows from Foot Levelers support the neck with gentle traction during sleep. The head, neck, and spine are aligned whether the you lie on your side or back. Plastic deformation is eliminated. And a normalized physiologic curve may improve vascular and neurological function.

One Size Does Not Fit All …

On average, we spend one third of our lives in bed. If you are sleeping on a pillow that does not address your specific needs, you are likely causing repetitive strain on important neck structures.

The ultimate cervical support:

Custom-made support for individual postural needs 2-Year Freedom Guarantee
Three unique versions: One for people who sleep on their backs, one for people who sleep on their sides, and one for people who sleep equally on their backs and sides


Patented “4-in-1” design for support and comfort for every patient Good for neck and shoulder conditions, Vertebral Subluxation Complex, relieving stress and/or muscle tension
King size is for a king-sized bed

Pillo-Pedic® Plus

A firmer version of this classic style

Posturefoam™ “egg carton” structure helps to eliminate pressure points and improve air circulation around the neck, head, and shoulders Firm, comfortable support A cooler pillow due to increased airflow. Good for pinched nerves, hypolordosis, and arm/shoulder pain


A softer support pillow with ultracel™ foam. US Patent No. 5,638,564

Adaptable Therapeutic Edge™ of UltraCel foam continuously conforms to head and neck for gentle, corrective support Virtually eliminates break-in time. Good for whiplash, tension headaches, arthritis, and back pain

Travel Pillows

Cervical support even away from home

Small enough to go anywhere, yet large enough to give the cervical support needed Mini-Travler for adults. Jr.Traveler for children and small-framed adults


Support for uninterrupted sleep

Special side panels designed to support side sleeping Special Therapeutic Z-z-zone™
center section for proper neck extension while back sleeping. Good for whiplash and tension headaches


For lower body support

Eases tension on the hips, knees, and lower back Maintains pelvic-leg alignment Special T-shaped design holds lower body in place. Good for expecting moms