Community Relations

Dr. Holcombe is committed to local, state and national outreach programs such as charity events, fund raisers, community cultural festivals and health fairs.

In 2006, Dr. Holcombe, inspired by singer Bono and Oprah Winfrey's ( RED ) campaign, donated these T-shirts to the Fairfax County Fire & Resue Annual Christmas Toy Drive for needy children in the local school district. Proceeds from the T-shirts were used to buy drugs for HIV positive South Africans.

Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Annual Christmas Toy Drive

Dr. Holcombe, wearing a "RED" T- shirt, standing with the founder of the 10 year Christmas Toy Drive, Master Technician Willie Bailey. Mr Bailey was named 2005 Firefighter of the Year and was recently promoted to Lieutenant in 2007.

Michael Newhart Deputy Chief of Fairfax County Fire Department

Robert Hicks (EMS Technician Fairfax County), Dr. Holcombe and Haywood Marshall (Master Technician Fairfax County)

Deputy Chief Dereck Baker and Battalion Chief Floyd Ellmore

Annual In-Office Food Drive

Jefferson Spine Center held it's first annual in-office Food Drive during the 2006 Holiday Season The food was donated to the The Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless (AACH) which does more than offer shelter to homeless people; it provides them with a foundation to rebuild their lives. Created in 1985 by concerned citizens of Arlington and Alexandria , AACH works in coordination with public agencies, businesses and community groups to give homeless people the support, shelter, counseling and employment training they need to regain self-sufficiency.

USPTO Community Day Health Fair in Arlington , VA

Dr. Holcombe with volunteer Jose Benitez at the Arlington County Fair 2006

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Community Day Health Fair in Arlington , VA.

Arlington County Fair

Dr. Holcombe performing computerized Spinal Analysis at the Arlington County Fair 2006.

African-American Heritage Festival in Old Town Alexandria

African-American Heritage Festival in Old Town Alexandria.

Peru National Day Celebration in Arlington, VA

Dr. Holcombe with her Spanish speaking staff at the Peru National Day Celebration in Arlington, VA

Dr. Holcombe explaining to a Peru Day visitor how auto accident injuries can cause spinal misalignments leading to back pain.

Services available to government agencies and private organizations include:

Lectures and Workshops:

• Stay Fit While You Sit
• Health & Stress Slide Workshop
• Balancing Hormones Naturally
• Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace
• Productivity and Energy Enhancements & Injury Prevention Program
• Causes and Cures for Carpal Tunnel, Headaches, Low Back Pain, and Arthritis
• Personal Injury

Services and Screening:

• Health fairs and other event screenings
• Surface EMG Spinal Screening (measures muscle electrical activity)
• Body Fat Analysis
• Postural Analysis

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