Carpal Tunnel Test

Carpal Tunnel Quiz

1.  Do you frequently feel tingling or numbness in the palm of your hand and fingers (especially thumb, index, and middle fingers?
 Yes    No

.  Do you frequently feel burning in the palm of your hand and fingers (especially thumb, index, middle fingers)? 

3.  Do you frequently feel an itching sensation in the palm of your hand and fingers?

Does wearing a splint at night ease your symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome? 

Do your fingers feel useless and swollen, even when no swelling is evident?

Even if you now experience symptoms in the daytime, do you recall your initial symptoms occurred at night?

Did your initial symptoms occur in one hand, rather than both hands?: 

8. Have you ever been awakened from sleep feeling you need to "shake out" your hand to ease symptoms?

9. Do you have decreased grip strength? 

Are you clumsy when handling objects?

Are you able by touch to distinguish between hot and cold?

Was your dominant hand affected first?

Have you ever experienced trauma or injury to your wrist which caused swelling?

14.  Do you one or more of the following underlying conditions?
      Overactive pituitary gland  Yes    No
      Hypothyroidism                Yes    No
      Rheumatoid arthritis            Yes    No
      Diabetes                         Yes    No

15.  Have you experienced fluid retention during pregnancy or menopause?

 Yes    No    N/A   

Do you have a job which involves work-related stress of the hand (such as assembly-line workers, or working with a jackhammer)? 
 Yes    No

17.  Do you experience shooting pains which radiate from your forearm to your shoulder?
 Yes    No

18.  Do your symptoms occur in your little finger?

 Yes    No

The little finger is controlled by a different nerve than the median nerve.


19.  Do your symptoms worsen when using your affected hand? 
 Yes    No

Your score:  If you answered 15 or more of the above questions, "Yes," there's an excellent chance that you're suffering from carpal's tunnel syndrome, and you need to seek medical attention.  To make an appointment today, Call Now