Auto accident injuries can have a devastating impact on your health, mental well-being, and various other areas of your life. Severe accidents can be life-changing, but even minor accidents can contribute to a personal injury.

Auto accident injuries often don't work on the same physical timeline as other health-related maladies.

Accident-related injuries sometimes often play out over weeks or months, causing lingering discomfort and even issues with mobility. For some, these injuries can be debilitating enough to effect their ability to work.

This is one of the reasons that seeking no-fault injury care in Arlington, VA as soon as possible is so imperative.

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What Does No-Fault Mean?

No Fault Auto Accident Doctor

A no-fault injury sustained in a car accident means that you can seek care without spending time wrangling with the other driver's insurance company.

This process can be extensive, causing you to miss out on necessary medical intervention when time is of the essence. A no-fault injury doctor can begin treating you and file a claim with your insurance insurance company for your care to ensure you don't have to wait to receive medical attention. 

After all, if you've just been in an auto accident, the last thing you want to think about is how to file the appropriate claim or whether or not you have to shell out cash for your medical care.

This is the reason working with an auto accident doctor with experience on no-fault injuries is essential because they have the knowledge of how this system works. 

What if Injury Symptoms Don't Appear Immediately?

Auto-related injuries that take time to manifest can be confusing to accident victims that don't have  guidance from a health professional. 

For instance, a headache or backache that occurs weeks after an accident can be a result of the impact, even if these symptoms were not obvious at the time of the collision. Since they don't deal with these injury-related symptoms daily, many people often write them off and fail to properly treat them. 

This is one of the reasons working with a no-fault injury doctor is so important.

Professionals that deal with these kinds of accident-related issues understand the nuances of no-fault injury care. Take care to choose no-fault injury doctor with the knowledge necessary to comprehensively address accident-related injuries.

This is especially so when it comes to the extended timeframe in which symptoms may present themselves. 

For example, depending on the severity of the collision, whiplash (one of the most common auto accident injuries) is generally not apparent until a day or two after the accident.

What may start with a stiffening of the neck and back muscles can quickly turn into agonizing pain as the inflammation settles into your muscle tissue. 

An auto accident doctor can quickly help you identify the possible symptoms of whiplash or any other accident-related injury and put together a care plan to minimize your discomfort.

You should take this step even if you think you are physically fine because whiplash can take a toll on the body, even months after the accident. 

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash Symptoms after a Car Accident

Potential symptoms of whiplash that can crop up months down the road include frequent and debilitating headaches, dizziness, lower back pain, muscle spasms, blurred vision, shoulder and/or arm pain and tingling or numbness in the wrists, arms or hands.

Cognitive symptoms may also become a problem, such as difficulty sleeping or concentrating. 

No-fault injury accident care also covers other collision-related issues that may not necessarily be derived from whiplash.

This includes:

  • muscle weakness
  • sprains or strains
  • leg pain
  • and more

In these situations, it is best not to try to self-diagnose your injuries. See a professional so that you have an idea of exactly what you may be dealing with and map out a treatment plan that will work for your circumstances.

The Value of a No-Fault Injury Doctor

A no-fault injury doctor in Arlington, Va will ensure that your focus remains on healing. A solid care plan will get you back on track to optimal health and feeling as good as you did prior to the accident.

However, seeking immediate care is the key to addressing those injuries caused by the collision before they adversely effect your quality of life. 

A care plan created by a no-injury provider should address existing symptoms and educate you on any symptoms that may manifest down the road.

This plan should also consider how much physical labor in which you engage at work or home, any issues you had with mobility prior to the accident and what your mobility is currently and potential treatment for accident-related symptoms that may occur down the road. 

Creating a plan with your provider will make you feel in control and if symptoms do manifest, you are less likely to panic as a result. Instead, when you are already under the care of a provider, they can instruct you on exactly what to do and how to react to new physical symptoms from the accident. 

What if I Wait to Seek Treatment?

If you wait to seek treatment, you may up with secondary issues because of the original injuries left untreated.

Remember, many accident injuries are not apparent.

Leaving important injuries left untreated can result in permanent damage in some instances that require a much more invasive and lasting approach than might have been the case had you not waited.

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There is a lot to consider after you've been in an auto accident, but your health should always be your top priority.

Take control by focusing on finding a no-fault injury care provider first. Schedule an appointment and then worry about the rest. When it comes to auto accidents, you can replace everything but your good health. 

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