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What are Longterm Effects of Untreated Whiplash?

By Accident Injury Team on Jan 12, 2021 12:47:39 PM

The Negative Impact of untreated Whiplash

Were you involved in an auto accident and suffering from Whiplash?

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How to Get No-Cost Medical Care After an Auto Accident in Arlington, VA

By Accident Injury Team on Dec 21, 2020 10:27:41 AM

If you've been injured in a vehicle accident, the last thing you should worry about is covering your medical expenses. Thankfully, there is a way to receive no-cost medical care after auto accident injuries.

Are you unfamiliar with how to get free health coverage for auto accident medical treatment? If so, this article has the answers.

Read on to discover more about no-cost post-accident medical care.

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Can Whiplash Lead To Back Pain?

By Accident Injury Team on Dec 2, 2020 12:12:39 PM

How Whiplash and Back Pain are Connected

A whiplash injury occurs when your neck and head are forced suddenly backward and then forward.

This puts extreme stress and pressure on your cervical spine (neck).

Several things can cause whiplash, like contact sports injuries, slip and fall accidents, assault, bungee jumping, rollercoaster accidents, but it most commonly happens in car accidents, particularly rear-end accidents.

Any high-impact activity where extreme acceleration-deceleration forces could be applied to the cervical spine has the potential to cause whiplash.

The medical term for whiplash is cervical acceleration-deceleration syndrome.

It makes sense that whiplash can cause pain in your neck, but can it also cause pain in your spine?

In the article below, we will discuss whether or not whiplash can cause back pain.

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Why Healthcare Insurance Isn't Used for Car Accident Injuries: A Complete Guide

By Accident Injury Team on Nov 13, 2020 11:02:42 AM

Health insurance is supposed to be there for you when you get sick or injured, right? So why would they deny claims for car accident injuries?

Well, it turns out the world of insurance can be quite tricky. When there's a car accident, you might be covered under auto insurance for your medical bills instead.

This might seem confusing. Is auto insurance really equipped to handle the medical bills and other damages from an auto accident injury? And whose insurance will you be using, anyway?

We're here to answer all those questions and more. Once you understand how the insurance system works, you'll be well-prepared for whatever life throws at you.

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Seeking Help Post-Accident? Learn More About a 3rd Party Billing Doctor in Arlington, VA

By Dr. Holcombe on Nov 2, 2020 4:56:42 PM

When an auto accident occurs, it's essential for the accident victim to get treated. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that individuals who experience injuries from car collisions have coverage for their medical expenses.

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What Type of Doctor Should You See After an Auto Accident in Arlington, VA?

By Dr. Holcombe on Oct 28, 2020 4:08:42 PM

Each year, 3 million people are injured in car accidents. Being in a car accident is a jarring experience — literally! It’s common to be hurt in these types of incidents.

You might be tempted to shake it off and not worry about being injured. Don’t do it! You deserve to get the care you need for anything that happened.

What type of auto accident doctors should you see if you’re in a car accident?

Let’s take a look.

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A Guide to Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash Injuries

By Dr. Holcombe on Oct 28, 2020 11:48:37 AM

Whiplash is a serious injury with painful symptoms that affects over 1 million people in the United States each year. Thankfully, there are several forms of whiplash treatment that can help you feel better. Visiting a whiplash doctor after experiencing neck pain is the best way to overcome the excruciating side effects of whiplash. 

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No-Fault Injury Care in Arlington, VA Helps Those Hurt in Auto Accidents

By Dr. Holcombe on Oct 20, 2020 9:56:03 AM

Auto accident injuries can have a devastating impact on your health, mental well-being, and various other areas of your life. Severe accidents can be life-changing, but even minor accidents can contribute to a personal injury.

Auto accident injuries often don't work on the same physical timeline as other health-related maladies.

Accident-related injuries sometimes often play out over weeks or months, causing lingering discomfort and even issues with mobility. For some, these injuries can be debilitating enough to effect their ability to work.

This is one of the reasons that seeking no-fault injury care in Arlington, VA as soon as possible is so imperative.

Table of Contents:
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Five Common Car Accident Injuries | Most Common Auto Accident Injuries

By Dr. Holcombe on Oct 15, 2020 9:49:41 AM

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than three million people are injured each year in vehicle accidents across the country. 

After all, everyone in the country drives just about every day. 

Although driving does become routine and almost second nature since we do it so often, it is still hazardous. 

When you think about it, driving requires a great deal of skill and focus mixed with blind trust for the other drivers on the road.

We all drive around in multi-thousand-pound machines, at incredible speeds, within feet of each other.

So when someone is negligent or makes a grave mistake, it's no surprise that the results can be disastrous.

The injuries that result from a car accident are as varied as the accidents themselves, but some injuries are more common than others.

Some car accident injuries can heal within a matter of days without any medical treatment at all, while serious injuries could turn chronic and result in some level of physical disability.

Based on our experience here at Jefferson Spine and Injury dealing with car accident injuries, we have compiled a list of five common car accident injuries that we will examine below.

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Why Should I Visit A Chiropractor After An Auto Accident?

By Dr. Holcombe on Oct 14, 2020 10:25:17 AM

Three million people in the U.S. are injured in car accidents each and every year.

Some accident victims are fortunate enough to walk away from a crash feeling unharmed.

But it's important to realize that car accident injuries can go unnoticed for days or even weeks after an accident. Auto accident injuries are a very serious matter.

Even seemingly minor auto accidents, like fender benders, can cause debilitating neck pain as well as pain in your back and spine. It is critical to seek medical attention and visit a chiropractor after an accident.

This post will explore seven important reasons to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor after an accident.

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What Is Spinal Decompression? // How Can it Help Me?

By Dr. Holcombe on Oct 13, 2020 3:49:27 PM

At some point in our lives, we will all experience back pain. Whether it's from an injury or just normal wear and tear, there aren't many of us that will escape mild to severe back pain.

But it's not all that bad. Most back pain will go away on its own.

And if it doesn't, there are things that can be done to remedy your back pain that doesn't involve surgery or prescription painkillers.

Admittedly, some severe back problems will require surgery. But for most of us, surgery is an absolute last resort.

Many spinal conditions can be treated with nonsurgical spinal decompression.

To top it all off, spinal decompression therapy won't plunge you into medical debt like surgeries can.

If you're experiencing back pain, is spinal decompression right for you? What exactly is spinal decompression?

We'll answer those questions in the article below.

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